Blog 2: India Week 1

It’s been another busy week with lots going on, it started with my regular on court squads and individuals at the Derbyshire Tennis Centre. I’m a performance coach there and work with a range of pupils from 10 to 18.

I had a great reaction from my first blog so I have big shoes to fill on the next! I have tried to keep it both informal but formative, if there are any subjects in particular you would like me to cover please send a short message on the contact form.

In the tennis world, the week started with a quite a bang with the opening ceremony for the ATP Next Gen Finals grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons. It came across tasteless and a bit cringe worthy but in all fairness organisers realised their mistakes pretty quickly and stepped up to apologise. I’m sure lessons will be learned, after all, there is a huge drive by governing bodies and international associations to get girls actively more involved in tennis and sport in general.

Court Side Selfie: Jay and Yasmin Clarke (Pune, India)

On Wednesday afternoon Jay and I started our mammoth 23 hour trek to Pune, India. We finally arrived at our hotel on Thursday evening pretty jaded, we had an early night and started tournament preparations the following day. The conditions are difficult out here, firstly a 5.5 hour time difference, 750m of altitude, very hot (30+ degrees), different cuisine and extremely reactive high bouncing hard courts. We arrived 3 days before the start of main draw to give Jay the best chance to fully adjust and be ready in time for the tournament. Jay is actively getting better and better every day even if the jet lag is tough to deal with!

Dad Trophy

Earol Clarke at the Derby Telegraph Sports Awards 2017

The highlight of the week was without a doubt Jay receiving ‘Derbyshire Sportsman of The Year’. The award was given out on Thursday, my parents attended the evening as Jay and I had already left for India. It was unexpected and a great way to round off Jay’s achievements this year, there has been some amazing highlights, Davis Cup selection and Wimbledon to name just a couple. As a family, we are all immensely proud of him and hope he can continue to grow and develop his game like we all know he can.

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